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Kevin Standlee

BASFA 2010 Recommendations: Campbell Award

As in previous years, the Bay Area Science Fiction Association held Hugo (and Campbell) Recommendation Nights in January and February, and we are posting our accumulated recommendations in a series of entries here. We're following the current community standard on tagging entries whereby the tags read 2010 for the (theoretical) eligibility year rather than 2011, the year in which the award will be presented.

A key to the initials of the people making recommendations is in basfa's community journal. This post may change if we receive additional recommendations from club members.

Saladin Ahmed: CMM, DSM, RM
Kyle Aistead: DSM, RM
Lauren Beukes: CMM
Lev Grossman: CMM, DSM, RM
Keffy K M Kehrli: CMM, DSM, RM
Dani Kollin: DSM, RM
Eyton Kollin: DSM, RM
Shweta Narayan: DSM, RM
Shannon Page: DSM, DWG, RM
Mike Shevdon: CMM
Steven H Silver: AJF, DSM, KAS, LDH, MYS, MYS, RM
Tags: z2010-campbell-award, z2011-campbell-award
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