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Kevin Standlee

BASFA 2007 Hugo Recommendations: Best Novel

A key to the initials of the people making recommendations is in this post in basfa's LJ. These posts may change if we receive additional recommendations from club members.

Before the Storm (Ford Street, Sean McMullen): AJF
Black Man (Thirteen) (Gollancz (Del Rey), Richard Morgan): SL
The Book of Joby (Tor, Mark. J. Ferrari): DC, AJF
Brasyl (Pyr, Ian McDonald): DC
The Execution Channel (Ken MacLeod): FM
From the Notebooks of Dr Brain (Del Rey, Minister Faust): DC
Halting State (Charles Stross): FM
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Bloomsbury (Scholastic), JKRowling): AJF, DC
Mainspring (Tor, Jay Lake): FW, KPR, AJF, DC, KAS
Making Money (Doubleday, Terry Pratchett): DC
Mother of Lies (Tor, Dave Duncan): AJF
Territory (Tor, Emma Bull): DC
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