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Conrunner Kevin

kevin_standlee in hugo_recommend

Jonathan McCalmont for Best Fan Writer

For reasons stated here and because admittedly I find myself perversely amused by the thought of how he might react to getting a nomination, I'm recommending Jonathan McCalmont for Best Fan Writer next year. Even though I disagree strongly with some of the points he makes, he makes them better than many other people writing on the same subject. I hope that posting this now makes it harder to forget when we get to nomination time next year.


Sorry, but he is too often factually wrong, and when caught out he very rarely acknowledges it.
Yes; that's where the "perversely amused" part comes in. Given his seeming disdain for the Awards' results in most years (I appreciate that he's taking the effort to participate this year), I would be very interested in hearing how he figures out a way to trash the results when he himself is one of the nominees.
Got it. But I can't hold my nose that much. I don't actually mind people being factually wring but I have little time for people who would rather be wrong and get kudos, than admit they are wrong.
Yes, and there are some examples of that in this post. OTOH - I actually think he makes some excellent and cogent posts. And, like Kevin, for perverse reasons, I back this.

But I am a terrible person who does like to stir.
Now now, trolling isn't nice.
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