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spectralbovine in hugo_recommend

2013 Fan Writer Recommendation: Mark Oshiro

I am recommending Mark Oshiro of Mark Reads and Mark Watches (plus Mark Plays) for Best Fan Writer. He reads books and watches TV shows completely unspoiled, and he brings a fresh perspective and his own personal experiences, allowing fans to fall in love with their favorite books and TV shows all over again. He spent the last year writing about Buffy, Angel, and Dollhouse, and, without fail, he gave me a renewed and new appreciation for each show, discovering themes I'd never picked up on before and illuminating character arcs I hadn't paid much attention to. He found something rewarding in every issue of The Sandman, he added a whole new meta layer to The Princess Bride, and his emotional destruction due to Newsflesh is endlessly entertaining. You haven't really experienced The Lord of the Rings until you've read Lords and Stuff: A Play (Act 4, Scene 1; Act 14, Scene 1; Act 345, Scene 1; and Act 3,451, Scene 1). Mark makes me love things more than I already did, and, you guys, I already love things a lot. It's unbridled emotion mixed with insightful critiques, and it's created a wonderful community of people.

He's just a fan who loves things, and we can love things with him. The Best Fan Writer Hugo so often goes to a professional writer, and I want a regular fan to win. I believe Mark would be the first gay person-of-color to be nominated for Best Fan Writer, too. Do it for DIVERSITY. Also because he totally deserves it. Do it for DESERVITY.


I have now lost my entire afternoon to reading Mark reading Newsflesh. Thanks?

(I, for one, would love to see more of this kind of fan writing on the ballot.)
You're welcome!

And I agree. It looks like the same four fanzine people have been making it on the ballot for years. It's time for a change!
Did you see Jim Hines' fan writer post? I feel like I/someone should link it here, but I don't know if that's allowed by the mods. There's a lot of discussion in the LJ comments.

(I need to write up a piece on why the anime Psycho-Pass (season 1) should be nominated for dramatic long. Because I can't be the only person who isn't watching Game of Thrones or Dr Who.)
He made two posts, and I did see them! Lots of interesting choices, most I hadn't heard of. Someone mentioned nominating Mark in the comments. I hope that person does. I am trying to keep track of how many confirmed nominations we have. If I count you, I think we're close to 40, which is about what it took to make it on the ballot last year.

I haven't heard of that anime! Do animes ever make it into the Hugos? I feel like there must not be enough overlap between anime fans and Hugo nominators to compete with Doctor Who and the Hollywood fare.
Yay, Avatar!

This is where I make high-pitched noises and restrain myself from being That Fangirl over Psycho-Pass. It's a police procedural. The animation is stunning--the backgrounds! The short version: in a mumblety future, the Sibyl System scans people's auras and determines whether they're latent criminals. It also determines their career paths. (They lampshade Philip K Dick in episode 15.) The MWSPB are the police, and they have detectives and enforcers (latent criminals who agree to work for the MWSPB).

The set-up is just as creepy as it needs to be. The lead character, Akane, is a noob detective, top of her class, blah blah, and she trusts Sibyl. But in the first episode, a rape victim (I wish they hadn't started out with rape, but I forgive it) has a criminally high aura reading, and Akane tells her enforcer team not to shoot her, because she's traumatized and can recover.

... I really can't go in to why the second season is EXACTLY perfectly what needs to happen without massively spoilering episode 12, and there's no way I'm going to do that.


This is a series that SF fans (especially Dick fans) could really get into, if only there weren't long-standing prejudice against anime.
Ooh, that does sound intriguing! Thanks for the rec!
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