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adriennef in hugo_recommend

"The Skywalker Incursion" for Best Related Category/Best Dramatic Presentation--Short Form

Hey folks.

I have always enjoyed The Big Bang Theory. The writing has always been good and amusing, the characters have depth and development and the acting has great comedic timing. It has also made being a science fiction or comic book fans fashionable.

As soon as I saw "The Skywalker Incursion" episode last year, I've been thinking of nominating it for a Hugo. The question is, which category? It really isn't science fiction, so it doesn't seem appropriate the Dramatic Presentation--Short Form where it will take away from the shows that are. I'm thinking it's more appropriate in the Best Related Work category. A few years back, that category was modified to include work other than the printed word.

When I asked Kevin Standlee to add it to the BASFA Hugo Recommendation List, he believed it belonged in DP-SF category.

So, I guess I'm going to be challenging the Hugo system. (As if it hasn't dealt with enough during the past couple of years.) I'm not doing it to be mean-spirited, the Best Related category just seems the most appropriate place for it. The worst that can happen is the Hugo admin will move it to DP-SF.

For anyone who agrees with me that The Big Bang Theory deserves a nomination, please join me by adding it to your nominating ballot, whereever you believe it belongs.


It's SF.

Someone with an IQ of 187 doesn't really talk like that.

At least, the one you folks know doesn't.

How high IQs talk

Sheldon Cooper isn't just smart, he obviously has Asperger's Syndrome. He may not be crazy, but he is a high-functioning autistic.

Although that is never mentioned on show, I find that believable. I know someone who I believe is an undiagnosed aspie and she's in her late 50s.
The Moon landing wasn't SF either, and coverage of it won a Hugo Award. Chris Garcia's on-stage meltdown wasn't SF/F, but it was shortlisted. I'm pretty sure that fans have a very broad definition of what SF/F is, and implicitly include "and related subjects" even if the definition doesn't explicitly include it. Administrators have never disqualified a DP work with sufficient nominations to make the ballot on the grounds that it wasn't SF/F. The last time the Administrators disqualified any work for not being sufficiently SF/F, WSFS responded by changing the definition, saying, in effect, that they don't want Administrators to make subjective decisions.
I agree with Kevin on this one. As noted, the rules explicitly include "related subjects", and this is, no question, a Dramatic Presentation.

Okay, I'm flipping back to DP-SF

When I think about it, all of the characters except Penny are scientists. Okay, I'm putting this under DP-SF.
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