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covereupalino wrote
on November 13th, 2013 at 06:47 pm

Collected Sci-Fi Stories - Volume 1

I'd like to submit Collected Sci-Fi Stories - Volume 1 for your consideration.

Collected Sci-Fi Stories - Volume 1

From CREDENCE author Marco Guarda, this collection includes nine short stories and novelettes. From the dreamy, nostalgic tones of Merry Christmas, Mr Babbers! to the almost farcical setbacks a rejuvenation salesman runs into in A Regrettable Oversight, to the intimate confrontation with his old self a resuscitated manager has to undergo to save his company in Corporate Restructuring, to the journey in one's own deepest fears in Alligator's Moat, to the search of self in the eternal stretches of space in The Heart of the Beast, to the real bugs used by a surveillance agency in Spider's Eyes Inc, to the entertaining adventures of five children investigating the shady deals of their new librarian in The Librarian, to the vertiginous settings of Float City, to the mind-bending issues of a vacation spent on a remote location in Oblivion Island, you will find here material both for a funny read as well as food for thought about the human condition. Enjoy this journey through the mind, unconscious, and mankind's never confessed fears and hopes in the first volume in this collection.

I am the author.

Link to paperback: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1481905538/

Website http://www.worldofcredence.com

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