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Leaving Mundania by Lizzie Stark - Best Related Work


Leaving Mundania, a Gonzo journalism investigation into the live action role playing (larp) scene by Lizzie Stark is an exceptionally entertaining and insightful look into the hobby art form of play-pretend. With wit and soul, Stark's examination of this growing global phenomena is a landmark account that not only explains the inner workings of larp, but opens up the life-changing potential of this ancient medium of expression.

Lizzie reveals the motivations and methodology of larp's top practitioners, then dives in head first into playing and running her own and takes us along for a ride like her best friend. She exposes a lot of herself as well as the psychology, history, appeal and fears of larp, always in a lilting, well-wordsmithed fashion.

If you want to know what larp is, or think you know what larp is, Leaving Mundania is tops.


(read the book to know what the all caps expressions mean)
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