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2013 Related Work: "Behind the Sofa - Celebrity Memories Of Doctor Who"

I'd like to recommend this book. It was published in 2012, raising money for Alzheimer's Research, and collects the memories of over 100 celebrity fans of Doctor Who. It's similarly feel-good about the series to Chicks Dig Time Lords, which won the Hugo, but in my opinion is an even better read, and enormously uplifting.

As I wrote in my Amazon review:

This is arguably one of the best Doctor Who books that has been published in recent years: a warm-hearted celebration of the series and why its fans love it so much. Filled with over one hundred recollections by celebrities - the celebrity angle rarely matters hugely, they could in many cases be written by any enthusiastic fan - it is an absorbing and fascinating read. There is a little repetition in places, for example quite a few of the people visited the Doctor Who exhibition in Blackpool as children - I wish I had! But generally the book is filled with variety, occasionally memories from adulthood, more usually childhood recollections. For anyone who has fallen in love with Doctor Who, particularly as a child, new series or classic, this is a must read. And as a bonus the book is raising money for Alzheimer's research.

It has received great acclaim among fans of the series who have read it.

To read more about the book see its publisher's page.


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