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Credence Foundation

I'd like to submit Credence Foundation for your consideration.

"The story begins with an 'impossible' murder of a very influential scientist. The main character is the detective, Chris Trumaine, who is tasked with solving the crime. The clues send him to Credence, an organization that uses mass belief to make things happen, mostly interstellar travel. Lots of good action and great character development carries the story through to the end.

As I read this book, I saw glimpses of Philip Dick and Isaac Asimov in the blend of techno thriller and detective noir. Technological advances gave a 'foundation' to the story, but the story grew and lived through the characters. At other times, I was reminded of movies like Inception and Total Recall. Sometimes what is real and what is dreamed mesh and tangle, and that makes for some very interesting twists."

I am the author and the excerpt is from a reader.

For the Kindle version
For the Paperback version


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